Monday, 25 August 2014

Many Masked

This tutorial was written by Mizteeque on 20th August 2014 
written using psp 9 but any version should work 
any resemblance to other works is purely coincidental 

 Supplies Needed:

 Close up Tube of choice 
I am using the beautiful artwork of Very Many 
you can purchase her artwork here VeryManyTubes 
 Mask Here 
 Filters Muras Meister - copies 
Eye candy 4000, Gradient glow 
Toadies - Picassos last word
 Font of choice - I used Seasons Spring

 Lets Begin!!

open blank canvas 
800 x 800 
floodfill white 

 copy and paste tube as new layer 
 muras meister - copies 
wallpaper rotate default settings 
toadies - picassos last word 
width/height 17 all other settings default adjust, 
blur, motion blur angle 210, 
strength 100 
 apply mask Avital_MaskVol1_FreeM1 e

eye candy 4000, 
Gradient Glow settings as follows

drop shadow 2/4/50/8 
 select all, float, de-float, 
c/p close up tube 
move to the left, 
and hit delete deselect 
change blend mode to screen
repeat but this time mirror your tube 
merge the two tube layers down 

using your freehand selection tool 
feather 50 
draw across the bottom of the tube layers 
and down around the words on the mask layer 
hit delete twice this just makes the words show up a bit better 

Add some elements if you wish,
like flowers, bows etc 
personally I like it the way it is 

 Delete the white background layer 
crop away the excess 
Add your name and copyright info 
merge visible save as png 

Here is a 2nd version I done with the other mask in the pack 
 This time I only used the tube once and used Ruritania font


  1. Hi Mizteeque,
    I love Your turorials and I wanted to do Many Masked. Sorry to say that I can't Download the Masks. Is it possible to get them from you?

    Thanks a lot

  2. wow looks great!!

    Dear Greetings Waltraud