Thursday, 17 December 2015


Supplies needed: 

Tube of choice, I am using several tubes from Arthur Crowe
which can be purchased from his store HERE
My template 66 HERE
Font of choice

This tutorial was written by Mizteeque on November 20th 2015
written in psp9 but any version should work
any resemblance to other works is entirely coincidental

Open template, duplicate and close original
delete credits layer

Make lge Oval active
Select all, float, defloat,
copy and paste paper 14 as new layer
resize by 22
selections invert
hit delete on your keyboard

repeat the above instructions for the following layers

layer 1 - paper 2
layer 2 - paper 2
layer 3 - paper 5

Make layer 5 active, select all, float, defloat
new raster layer
floodfill with an orange/purple gradient 
linear, angle 45, repeats 4
delete original layer 5

Repeat for layer 6 but do not deselect

Now copy and paste your tubes(s)
resize and position inside the selection to your liking
selections invert
hit delete on your keyboard on each tube layer
Merge the tube layers together
change blend mode to Luminance(l)

make purple oval active
copy and paste flower 3 as new layer
resize by 8
position top center (so its poking out from behind the other rectangles)

copy and paste flower 4 as new layer
resize by 8
position so its overlapping the first flower

copy and paste leaf 2
resize by 15
position behind flowers, rotate slightly to the left

copy and paste leafy branch 
resize by 15
rotate slightly to the left, position next to the first leaf

duplicate both flowers and both leaves
and flip and mirror them both

make top right rectangle active
copy and paste bunting as new layer
resize by 8
position on top of rectangle

copy and paste flair 6 as new layer
resize by 8
position on left hand end of bunting

make background active
copy and paste scatter as new layer
resize by 20
position top left (so its showing from behind the purple oval)
duplicate 3 times and flip, mirror, rotate to your liking.

dropshadow all layers 2,5,50,8,black, except Luminance tubes

copy and paste main tube as new layer
resize to fit
position bottom left, so its sitting nicely between the two left hand circles
but make sure it is under your wordart layers
dropshadow as before

make wordart active
select all, float, defloat,
new raster layer
floodfill with same gradient we used earlier
delete original wordart layer

add name and copyright information
delete white background layer
merge visible
save as png