Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hold 'em

This tutorial was written by Mizteeque on 25th August 2014
written using psp 9 but any version should work
any resemblance to other works is purely coincidental

Supplies needed:
Tube of choice - I am using the gorgeous artwork of Arthur Crowe
which can be purchased from his store
Font Las Vegas Jackpot HERE
My supplies HERE
Mask of choice
Filter: Eye Candy 4, Gradient Glow
Muras Meister, copies


Note: c/p = copy and paste as new layer
d/s = dropshadow 2,5,50,8, black

OK lets begin!!

Open all supplies in PSP and minimize for now

Open blank canvas 800 x 800
floodfill white

c/p chips 
resize by 50
Muras Meister, copies, wallpaper rotate, default settings
duplicate, rotate, left 90
merge down
adjust blur, motion blur, angle 210, strength 100
apply mask
resize by 90

c/p joker, card back & Ace, resize all by 35
rotate each one left or right a little and position 
to the top right of tag

c/p skyline
resize by 22

c/p vegas sign
I used the blank sign so I could add my name to it
position to left of skyline

c/p card scatter 
position at bottom of tag
resize by 50

c/p poker table
resize by 20
image, mirror
position so it just hides the bottom of your skyline

back to your duplicated scatter
drag up so its sitting on top of your table

c/p dice
resize by 20
position bottom right of poker table leg

c/p chips
resize by 20
position on left end of poker table

c/p tube
resize to fit
position to right of tag

c/p wordart
position bottom left of tag

Add name 
I used Las Vegas Jackpot font, size 48, black and used my deform tool 
to rotate and draw the top end out a bit to give some perspective on the sign
I also added a white gradient glow to mine
Add copyright info

delete white background layer
merge visible
crop and save as png

Thank you for trying my tutorial
I hope you enjoyed it

If you would like to show off your creation you can find me over at
The Taggers Lounge

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