Saturday, 23 August 2014

Cry Crowe - Forum Set

Supplies needed

Tube of choice - I am using the gorgeous artwork of Arthur Crowe
which can be purchased from his store
Font of choice - I am using Smeyer  HERE
Filters • Muras Meister, copies
Xero, Radiance, Dot & cross


This tutorial was written by Mizteeque on 23/8/2014
using psp 9, however any version should work
any resemblance to other tutorials is purely coincidental

Note:  c/p = copy and paste as new layer
d/s = dropshadow 2,5,50,8, black


OK lets begin!!

Open blank canvas 750 x 250

c/p tube as new layer
muras meister, copies, wallpaper, rotate, default settings

adjust, blur, motion blur
angle 47, strength 100
repeat twice 

c/p close up tube as new layer
position to the right hand side
Xero, Radiance, default settings
change blend mode to screen
Lower the opacity to around 55
duplicate, image mirror

c/p smaller tube as new layer again

Selection tool, custom selection
left 0, top 20, right 750, bottom 80
new raster layer
floodfill with a colour from your tag, dot & cross, default settings
change blend mode to screen
duplicate, image flip

Make the first dot & cross rectangle active
and drag this layer below your smaller tube

New raster layer, drag to top
select all, selections contract by 3
selections, invert
floodfill with same colour you used earlier
add noise, 83%
change blend mode to dodge

Add name and copyright info

To make matching avatar

custom selection
top & left 0, bottom & right 200
selections, edit selection
using your move tool position selection where you would like it
selections, edit selection
copy merged

paste as new image
new raster layer
select all, contract by 3
floodfill with colour from earlier
add noise
change blend mode to dodge

On both banner and avatar, 
Add name and copyright info
merge all flatten
save as jpg

Thank you for trying my tutorial
I hope you enjoyed it

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