Monday, 12 June 2017

Green Steam

Supplies needed:

Tube of choice - I am using the beautiful artwork of Misticheskaya
which can be purchased from Pics for Design
My Scrapkit - Steamed Junk
Font of choice

This tutorial was written by Mizteeque on 27th May 2017  and assumes a working knowledge of psp
Written using psp9 but other versions should work just as well
Any similarity to other works is unintentional and purely coincidental

open blank canvas 700 x 700
floodfill white

copy and paste texture 

copy and paste frame - resize 35
magic wand, feather 0
click inside frame, expand by 5
on one of the texture layers, delete
copy and paste tube
position to your liking
change blend mode to luminance legacy

duplicate tube layer
adjust, blur, gaussian blur 8
change blend mode to screen
dropshadow the frame

merge the frame, 2 tube layers and texture together

on the other texture layer
apply mask
merge group
make sure this layer is just above your white bg

All the following elements are to be positioned UNDER the merged frame layer
and dropshadowed 2,5,50,8, black

element 80 resize 50, position top left, colorize, hue 108, sat 129

element 77 resize 50, rotate right 85, position right side, colorize as before
duplicate, rotate again and position at the bottom of the frame

element 70 resize 30, position left middle, blend mode hard light
duplicate, image flip & mirror

element 4, resize 30, position bottom left corner, blend mode hard light
paste element 4 again, resize 20, colorize as before, position top right corner, blend mode hard light

element 69, resize 40, colorize as before, position top middle of frame, blend mode hard light
duplicate, image flip and move to the left slightly

Add your name, license and copyright information
delete white bg layer
merge visible
crop and save as png

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