Sunday, 29 November 2015


Supplies Needed: 

Tube of choice, I am using the beautiful artwork of Maxine Gadd
you can purchase her tubes from CDO Store
Scrapkit - Christmas Magic from Cakes Creations
Filter - Muras Meister - Copies

This tutorial was written by Mizteeque on November 5th 2015
written in psp9 but any version should work
any resemblance to other works is entirely coincidental

Open blank canvas 800 x 800 

Copy and paste scene 1 as new layer
resize by 70

copy and paste snow 1 as new layer

make scene 1 active
select all, float, defloat
selections invert

make snow layer active
hit delete on your keyboard 

copy and paste flower 1 as new layer
resize by 15
repeat muras meister, copies
image, rotate, left 17

copy and paste snowflake 1 as new layer
resize by 40
muras meister, copies, encirlce, change shift X & Shift Y to 60

copy and paste bells as new layer
resize by 40

copy and paste tube as new layer
resize as necessary
position slightly to the right

dropshadow flowers, snow, bells and tube
2,5,50,8, black

dropshadow snowflakes as before but change opacity to 25

Add name, copyright and license information
merge visible

crop and save as png

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