Sunday, 8 November 2015

Feels like Halloween

Supplies needed:

Tube(s) of choice - I am using 3 tubes from Jonathon Raya
Spooky wallpaper of choice - there are some good ones HERE
Wordart (save from bottom of post)
Font of choice - I am using Jellyka Saint-Andrew Queen HERE


This tutorial was written by Mizteeque on October 4th 2015
written in psp9 but any version should work
any resemblance to other works in entirely coincidental


open blank canvas 750 x 400

copy and paste spooky wallpaper of choice as new layer

preset shapes tool, rectangle, 
background colour, black
draw out a rectangle in the top left corner
convert to raster
duplicate, image, mirror
dupiclate, position this 3rd rectangle 
in the middle of the other two

make rectangle 1 active
select all, float, defloat
copy and paste 1st tube as new layer
position inside the rectangle to your liking
selections, invert
hit delete on your keyboard
selections, invert
expand by 2
new raster layer, floodfill white
drag white rectangle below the tube and black rectangle

Repeat this two more times with the other
two rectangles and two other tubes

dropshadow each white rectangle 

New raster layer at top of layer palette
flood fill white
select all, contract by 2
hit delete

preset shape tool, rectangle, 
foreground colour to white, line size 2
background colour null
draw out a rectangle from left to right
in the space between the tubes and the bottom of the tag
convert to raster

magic wand, feather 0
click inside the rectangle
new raster layer, floodfill white
lower opacity to 25

Make bottom layer active (the one under your wallpaper layer)
floodfill with a gradient made from two colours from your tubes
mine was red and blue, linear, angle 132, repeats 0
Change blend mode on Wallpaper layer to luminance (L)

Back to the top of your layer pallete
copy and paste wordart as new layer
position inside the rectangle at the bottom, to the left
add a gradient glow of choice, one that matches your tag

Add your name & copyright information 
merge all
save as jpg

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