Monday, 25 May 2015


Supplies needed;

Tube of choice, I am using the gorgeous artwork of
Anna Rigby - tube included in supplies
Texture HERE
Supplies HERE

This tutorial written by Mizteeque on May 16th 2015
Written in psp9, but any version should work
Any similarity to other works is purely conincidental and unintentional

Open supplies and place mask in mask folder

Open blank canvas 600 x 600
floodfill with a linear gradient
angle 0, repeats 0
foreground #622b3e  background #b491a7
invert checked
copy and paste texture as new layer
set blend mode to Luminance (l)

copy and paste post card as new layer
resize by 50
rotate left 26
position bottom left corner so some of it
is outside the canvas
set blend mode to luminance
dropshadow 2,5,50,18,black

copy and paste image as new layer
position to the right so only the
nose and mouth are showing

freehand selection tool
feather 120
select along the contours of her hair
hit delete on your keyboard 2 or 3 times

on duplicate select round the bottom
half of the image (shoulder & hair) upto
the chin
hit delete 2 or 3 times 

On bottom image layer set blend mode to multiply
on top image layer set blend mode to luminance (l)

apply same dropshadow as before to both image layers

copy and paste word art as new layer
position top left corner
dropshadow 0,0,100,18,white

New raster layer
Apply some nice brushes if you desire

merge all flatten
image, add borders, 180, symmetric, black
promote background to raster layer
apply mask, make sure invert is checked
merge group

Selection tool
Rectangle, feather 0
select around the black flowery bits on either
side of the tag and delete

image, rotate, clockwise 90
apply mask again
merge group

rotate, counterclockwise 90

add name and copyright information
merge visible
crop and save as png

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