Monday, 25 May 2015


Supplies needed: 

Tube(s) of choice - I used several Keith Garvey tubes
you can purchase these from his store HERE
Scrapkit of choice - I am using Raspberry Splash by Tiny Turtle Designs 
which is currently on sale @71% off!! (please dont think you have to go and buy it though, please use any kit you wish)
Mask & Font of choice
Penta - Jeans

This tutorial written by Mizteeque on May 9th 2015
Written in psp9, but any version should work
Any similarity to other works is purely conincidental and unintentional

Open blank canvas 800 x 800
floodfill white

Open paper of choice
selection tool, circle, feather 0
hold down the shift key and click in the centre of the paper
draw out a large circle
deselect and close paper
Paste circle as new layer onto your canvas

Select all, float, defloat, contract by 30
new raster layer, 
floodfill with a contrasting colour
Add noise, Gaussian, monochrome, 60

Selections contract by 30 again
open paper 2 of choice
copy and paste as new layer
selections, invert, hit delete on your keyboard

Text tool, foreground black, line style solid, stroke width 2, vector
background null, Aharoni font (or other blocky font of choice)
type out the word SEXY in caps
then use the nodes to stretch it right across the middle of your circles
so it hangs off either side (left & right) a little
convert to raster 

Magic wand tool, feather 0, mode Add,
click inside each of your letters
selections, expand by 2
new raster layer
floofill with a fore/back gradient made from black and the other main colour from your tag
effects, penta, jeans, default settings
Keep selected

copy and paste your tube(s) as new layer(s) 
and position inside your letters to your liking
selections invert, hit delete on each tube layer
merge down until all tube layers are merged onto one layer
change blend mode to screen

make text outline active, add noise as before
dropshadow, 0,0,85,8,black

hide all layers except the text outline, tubes, jeans
merge visible

Copy and paste your main tube as new layer
drag this down under your merged text layer

make top circle active, select all, float, defloat, 
selections invert, 
make tube active and erase any parts poking out at the bottom of the circle
dropshadow as before

Add some favourite elements

make white background layer active
copy and paste a contrasting paper as new layer
apply your favourite mask
merge group

Add your name and copyright information
delete white background layer
merge visible
crop and save as png

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