Sunday, 15 March 2015

Diamond Beauty

Supplies needed:

Tube of choice - I am using the beautiful Skull & Rose tube from Arthur Crowe
You can purchase a license to use his tubes from his Store Here
My scrapkit - A Hint of Goth HERE
mask(click to open full size)

Filters - Eye candy, Gradient Glow 
Tramage, Moving screen
Font - Times New Roman


OK lets begin!!

Note: c/p = copy and paste as new layer
d/s = dropshadow

Open blank canvas 700 x 700
floodfill white

preset shape tool - Diamond
choose 2 colours from your tube (I used red & black)
and make a fore/back gradient
linear, angle 45, repeats 3

draw out a large diamond in the middle of your canvas
convert to raster
select all, float, defloat, invert

c/p tube
position inside selection
hit delete on your keyboard

new raster layer
selections expand by 4
floodfill with one of your gradient colours
add noise, 54, gaussian, monochrome
drag this layer down below your original diamond
close off white background
merge visible
Add a fat white gradient glow
d/s 0,0,50,8,black

resize by 70
rotate left 13
move up to top left of tag
image, mirror
merge down

drag this layer below original diamond
Tramage - moving screen 
frequency - 16
highlights - 18
amount - 131
mode - 64
addative 1 - 133
addative 2 - 24
lightener - 13
transparency - 0


c/p element 4
resize by 60
position left from bottom point of diamond
along left edge
image mirror

c/p element 16
resize by 30
postion on bottom point of diamond, very slightly to the right
image mirror

c/p element 15
resize by 30
rotate right 90
position on top of two red roses

c/p element 18
resize by 60
rotate right 8
drag down below diamond and to the right so it pokes 
out from behind it
image mirror

drop shadow all elements 
2,5,50,8, black

make white background active
c/p paper 9
apply mask 
merge group

Add name
I used Times new roman, size 28, black
add a white gradient glow

delete white background layer
merge visible
crop & save as png.

This tutorial was written by Mizteeque on 2nd March 2015
Written in psp9 but any version should work
any similarity to other works is purely coincidental and unintentional

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