Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Bloomin' Spring

Supplies needed:

Tube of choice - I am using the beautiful artwork of Arthur Crowe
You can purchase his tubes from his store Arthur Crowes Factory
My Bloomin' Spring scrapkit HERE
Font of choice 
Eye Candy - Gradient glow (optional)


OK lets begin!!

Note: c/p = copy and paste as new layer
d/s = dropshadow 2,5,50,8, black

Open blank canvas 700 x 700
flood fill white

c/p element 2,
dropshadow 25,4,30,15, black

c/p paper 3

c/p element 13
resize by 60
d/s 2,5,50,8, black

magic wand
click inside the frame
expand selection by 5
on paper 3 layer hit delete 

Make curled torn paper layer active

c/p elements 20, 25, 17 & 14
resize by 60
position around top left hand corner of frame
sticking out slightly, to your liking
drop shadow these elements 2,5,50,8, black

Make frame layer active 

c/p elements 15, 19, 24, 
resize by 40
c/p elements 8 (resize 30), 6 (resize 20)
position bottom right corner of frame
to your liking, you may wish to mirror 
and/or rotate some of them a little
try to end with the white flower on top
so it hides the stems of the others
d/s as before

c/p element 42 (or 43,44,45 whichever you like most)
resize by 30
position on at bottom of cluster of flowers

c/p element 36
position so it flows from bottom left of frame
across the flowers
erase the extra bits so that only 3 'bloomin springs' are left
add a pink gradient glow or a pink dropshadow 0,0,100,5,pink & repeat

c/p element 22
resize by 60
position top left of frame

Make paper layer below frame active
c/p tube
erase any parts sticking out from behind the frame
change blend mode to burn
duplicate change blend mode to hard light

Add your name and copyright information
delete white background
merge visible
save as png

Tutorial written by Mizteeque on 11th February 2015
Written in psp9 but any version should work
any similarity to other works is purely coincidental and unintentional

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