Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Pretty in Pink

Supplies needed:

Tube of choice, I am using the artwork of Acid Lullaby
Scrapkit - Taggers Inn Forum exclusive A Touch of Pink or scrapkit of choice
Font of choice - I am using Angelface
Filter - Eye Candy 4000, Gradient glow (optional)


Note:  c/p = copy and paste as new layer
d/s = Dropshadow

Open blank canvas 750 x 250

preset shapes - rectangle, line width 10, foreground colour black
background colour set to null.
Hold shift while you draw out a square on your canvas
convert to raster
duplicate twice, position next to each other so you have a 
3 box frame, merge visible
re position so its in the middle of your canvas

Open paper of choice, copy 
magic wand, click inside the 3 squares
expand by 2,
paste paper as new layer,
selections invert, 
hit delete on your keyboard
drag paper layer below your frame

open tube
c/p as new layer 
position in middle square
erase any excess tube showing outside the frame
change blend mode to luminance (legacy)

c/p tube again, 
mirror and resize to your liking, position in the left square
erase any excess as before
change blend mode to hard light

repeat above steps
this time change the blend mode to burn

add d/s to your frame

image, rotate, left 3

c/p element 38
resize by 40
image, mirror, 
position on left between the two frame layers so 
the leaves are poking out a bit
duplicate, image, mirror
image, flip

make top layer active
c/p element 16
rotate left 60
position bottom right of frame

c/p element 12
resize by 15
position to cover end of previous element

c/p element 9
resize by 40
rotate left 60
position under pink flowery element

d/s all elements

Add name, Angelface font, size 48, pink,
I added a white gradient glow to it, d/s
add copyright information
merge visible
save as png

Thats it your done!!

Tutorial written by Mizteeque on 10th Jan 2015
Written in psp9 but any version should work
any similarity to other works is purely coincidental and unintentional

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