Monday, 26 January 2015

Animated Name Sig

supplies needed:

PSP any version
Animation Shop (AS)
Kingthings Pique n Meex font HERE
A smallish animation of choice, 
one with not too many frames is good to start with
HERE is the one I used in the above example

Tutorial written by Mizteeque on 26th Jan 2015
Written in psp9 but any version should work
I have seen this tutorial done several times, several different ways
this is the way I do it,

OK lets begin!!

Open animation shop
Open your chosen animation 
ctrl & A to select all frames, copy

Open psp
paste animation as new image

Open blank canvas 600 x 350
floodfill white
Text Tool
Kingthings Pique n Meex font, size 140, background colour black

type your name
convert to raster
Select all, float, defloat

Floodfill tool
In your materials palette, set your foreground to pattern
click the thumbnail image and choose your animation image from the dropdown menu
angle 0, scale 100

floodfill your name
new raster layer

back to your animation image
in your layer palette, click the eye to close off the top layer

now go back to your materials palette
choose the animation image again
you must choose the animation not current pattern or it wont change

floodfill your name
new raster layer
still keep it selected

back to animation image
close off the middle layer

back to your materials palette
choose your animation again

If using a different animation with more frames (layers) 
repeat the above steps as many times as necessary to ensure you 
floodfill your name with each layer from the animation (I hope that makes sense)

after the last layer has been filled

new raster layer
expand by 2
floodfill with a metallic gradient of your choice
contract by 3
hit delete on your keyboard
dropshadow your gold outline 2,2,50,8, black

ok now to actually animate it

There are several ways of getting your tag into animation shop
with just a few frames this is how I do it

My example only has 3 frames
so I close off the top two floodfilled layers

copy merged
Paste as new animation in AS

back in psp
close bottom frame, 
open middle frame,

copy merged, 
paste after current frame in AS

back in psp
close middle frame,
open top frame

copy merged
paste after current frame in AS

save as gif and thats it your done!!

Here are a few more samples made with different animations

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