Monday, 6 February 2017

Be Mine .... Or Else!

Supplies Needed:

Tube of choice, I am using the FTU artwork of Irulana
Scrapkit from Amy & Leah 2nd one down HERE
Fonts Compacta Bold & Beaked Tyrant
Mask from Moonbeams and Spiderwebs 2nd one down HERE
Eye Candy 4


This tutorial was written by Mizteeque on 22nd January 2017  and assumes a working knowledge of psp
Written using psp9 but other versions should work just as well
Any similarity to other works is unintentional and purely coincidental

Open blank canvas 700 x 700
floodfill white

copy and paste paper 1
apply mask
merge group

Text Tool - Compacta Bold, size 180, color black
type out a capital B and M
convert to raster

change size to 72, type out lowercase e,i,n,e
convert to raster

arrange so they spell 'BeMine' (no spaces)
merge together
place at bottom of tag, just offset to the left a little

select all, float, defloat,
copy and paste paper 1
make original layer active
expand by 4
floodfill with a dark color from your tube (I used dark red)
merge together
Add a pale pink gradient glow

Text tool - Beaked Tyrant, size 72, colour black
type out 'or else'
before converting to raster
rotate to the left a little
convert to raster
add a pale pink gradient glow
position just across the end of the word 'Mine'

make mask layer active

preset shapes - ellipse, 
background color same dark colour you used before
hold down the shift key and draw out a circle behind 
the 'BeMine' words so it starts at the edge of the words
and goes almost all the way across.
convert to raster
select all, float, defloat
contract by 4
copy and paste paper 9
invert selection 
copy and paste tube, position to your liking within the circle
Change blend mode to screen, lower opacity to around 60
add pale pink gradient glow to the dark red background circle

preset shapes tool - rectangle, same dark red as before
draw out a slim vertical rectangle just to the right of the circle
rotate right slightly
convert to raster
select all, float, defloat, 
contract by 4
copy and paste paper 6
invert selection 
add pale pink gradient glow to dark red background rectangle.

Draw out another rectangle, but this time a skinny horizontal one
from left to right behind the 'BeMine' words
convert to raster - Jeans - default settings
add pale pink gradient glow

Draw out one more rectangle, but this time even skinnier and change
the colour to black.  Right across the middle of the previous rectangle
and so it overlaps the ends slightly
convert to raster
add pale pink gradient glow.

copy and paste tube
image, mirror
drag below the two horizonal rectangles
erase any of the tube that shows below the rectangles

dropshadow, 0,0,50,8,black to the following layers
Circle background, all rectangles (horizontal and vertical)

dropshadow 2,5,50,8,black to the following layers
'BeMine', 'or else', tube

Add your name & copyright information
delete white background layer
merge visible
save as png.

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