Monday, 9 May 2016

Its a Dogs Life!

Supplies needed:

tube of choice - I am using the beautiful artwork of Laguna
which can be purchased from Pics For Design
Supplies HERE
Filters : Muras Meister - Copies


This tutorial was written by Mizteeque on 1st May 2016 and assumes a working knowledge of psp
Written using psp9 but other versions should work just as well
Any similarity to other works is unintentional and purely coincidental


Open supplies and place selection file in your selections folder

Open blank canvas 700 x 700
floodfill white

choose a colour from your tube 
set as foreground colour, background to null
preset shapes tool, circle, width 25, create as vector
draw out a circle in the middle of your canvas
Objects, align, center in canvas
convert to raster

duplicate this circle twice
position one to the left and down slightly
and the other to the right and down slightly
drag both under the to circle in the layer palette

now make the top circle active
magic wand, feather 0
click inside the circle 
expand by 4
new raster layer, floodfill with gradient of choice (something that matches your tag)
drag this layer below the circle layer

text tool - visitor TT2 font, size 14, anti alias off, colour black
type out your phrase, I used "its a dogs life!"
convert to raster
muras meister, copies, tiling angle, default settings but change tile gap to 3

on your gradient layer, 
select all, float, defloat, invert
hit delete on your text layer

On left circle, magic wand, click inside the circle
expand by 4
new raster layer, floodfill with colour of choice
copy and paste your tube as new layer
position and resize as necessary
selections invert
hit delete on your keyboard
drag colour layer and tube layer below the left circle
change blend mode on tube layer to luminance (legacy)

repeat for the right circle but use a different colour to floodfill
and resize tube to a different size

dropshadow all 3 circle layers 2,5,50,8, black

hide white background and merge visible

New raster layer
Load/save selection from disk
Load Miz_filmstrip2 selection
floodfill with colour of choice (I used the same colour as my circles)
position at bottom of circles, 
rotate left 5

magic wand, Mode Add, feather 0, tolerance 10
click inside the first filmstrip frame
new raster layer, expand selection by 2
floodfill with gradient of choice
copy and paste tube, resize as necessary
position inside the selection to your liking
selections invert, delete
change blend mode to Difference
drag filmstrip layer to the top of your layer palette

repeat with the other 4 frames of the filmstrip
dropshadow filmstrip

hide white background & merged circles
merge filmstrip layers together
duplicate, image, mirror
unhide all other layers

copy and paste tube one last time
resize and position to fit

Add name, license and copyright information
delete white background layer
merge visible, save as png


  1. Hi gorgeous tut will have to give it a try. Just wondering what font did you use for the name?

    1. Hi Becki, glad you like the tut. The font is called Backslash and can be found here