Monday, 4 April 2016

Midnight Desire

Supplies Needed:

Tube of choice -  I am using the beautiful free artwork of Zindy
which you can download HERE
My Scrapkit - Midnight Desire
Mask of choice
Font of choice - ( I used Diane De France)

This tutorial was written by Mizteeque on 25th March 2016 and assumes a working knowledge of psp
Written using psp9 but other versions should work just as well
Any similarity to other works is unintentional and purely coincidental

Open blank canvas 700 x 700
floodfill white

copy and paste paper 8
apply mask
merge group

copy and paste element 33
resize by 40
rotate right 22
move up and to the right slightly

copy and paste element 24
resize by 20
position bottom left corner of frame

coy and paste element 27
resize by 30
position bottom right corner of frame

copy and paste various elements of your choice
resizing and positioning as you go, to make a cluster
around the bottom of the frame (see my tag for reference)

If you use element 36, (the midnight desire wordart) 
I suggest a white gradient glow to ensure it shows up nicely

make mask layer active
copy and paste tube as new layer
resize and rotate to fit nicely inside your frame
erase any extra showing outside the frame

dropshadow all elements and frame 
2,4,50,8, black

add name, license and copyright information
delete white background layer
merge visible
crop and save as png

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