Saturday, 16 January 2016

Be Curious!

Supplies needed:

Tube of choice, I am using the artwork of Zlata M which 
you can purchase from Pics for Design
Scrapkit - Tainted Cupcake from K4 HERE
My wordart HERE *Warning* this wordart contains offensive language
Mask of choice
Font of choice

This tutorial was written by Mizteeque on 9th January 2016
Written using psp9 but other versions should work just as well
Any similarity to other works is unintentional and purely coincidental

Note: c/p = copy and paste as new layer
d/s = dropshadow

Open blank canvas 800 x 800
floodfill white

new raster layer
floodfill with gradient made from two colors from your tube or the kit 
linear, repeats 6, angle 45
apply mask
merge group

c/p frame 06 

c/p zippered heart 02
resize by 50
rotate right 11
position bottom right corner of the frame
resize by 50, image mirror
position just above first heart on the pink bit
Duplicate, image mirror
position bottom left of first heart
dropshadow all 3 hearts 2,5,50,8, black
merge hearts together

c/p lips 04
resize by 50
rotate left 11
position top right corner of frame
drag this layer below the hearts layer

c/p cupcake 03
resize by 30
position to the left of the hearts

make mask layer active

c/p tube as new layer
duplicte twice, hide these duplicates
position face inside middle frame

make frame layer active
magic wand, feather 0, select inside the middle frame
expand by 2
invert selection
hit delete on your tube layer

repeat for the two duplicated tube layers
but resize them by 70 
position one in the left frame and one in the right frame

Merge all 3 tube layers together
Change blend mode to Luminance (Legacy)
adjust blur, gaussian blur, 10
change blend mode to Hard light (or whatever looks good on your tag)

Paste tube again, drag to the top of the layer palette

resize to fit 
position slightly to the left of center

c/p "Judgemental" wordart (the plain black one)
resize by 70
select all, float, defloat,
new raster layer
floodfill with gradient we used at the start
linear, angle 0, repeats 0

Add your favourite inner bevel or glass effect

Add fat white gradient glow
position to your liking

Add name, license and copyright information
delete white background layer
crop and save as png.

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