Friday, 21 November 2014

Xmas sparkle - Forum set

This tutorial was written by Mizteeque on 21st November 2014
written in psp9 but any version should work
Any resemblance to any other works is purely coincidental and unintentional

Supplies needed:
Tube of choice, preferably one with a close up
I am using the artwork of Elias Chatzoudis 
which can be purchased from his store HERE

Xero, Fritillary
VM Toolbox, Zoom blur
DSB Flux, Linear transmission


Note: c/p = copy and paste as new layer

OK lets begin!!

open blank canvas 750 x 250

make a radial gradient using two contrasting colours from your tube
angle 90, repeats 10
floodfill canvas

Xero fritillary with the following settings:
granularity 7
agression 36
tesselation 13
variation 36

VM toolbox, zoom blur, amount 40, adjust 25
effects, edge effects, enhance
select all, contract 15, hit delete

on bottom layer
dsb flux, linear transmission
slice size 4, offset 30, blend 50, vertical checked

Now you will see rectangle shapes
using your selection tool, set to rectangle, select round the 2nd one

new raster layer
floodfill selection with the same gradient, but change to 
linear, angle 45, repeats 0
duplicate and move to cover the 4th rectangle
merge down
duplicate and move to cover the 6th & 8th
and so on until every other rectangle is covered
make sure you merge all the floodfilled rectangles together

select all, float, defloat
c/p small tube, duplicate and position over  rectangles where you like
invert, delete
change blend mode to luminance legacy

c/p close up tube as new layer, resize if necessary
drag to top of layer palette

make frame layer active
d/s 2,2,50,8, black
and again but change horizontal and vertial to -1
duplicate twice
apply xenofex 2, constellation on each frame layer
with the following settings, making sure to hit random seed on each layer

add name and cr information 

close off top two frame layers
copy merged

open Animation shop
paste as new animation

back to psp, close bottom frame layer, open middle one
copy merged

paste after current frame in AS

back to psp, close middle layer, open top layer
copy merged

paste after current frame in AS

save as gif

For avatar

In psp, custom selection tool
left, top 0, right, bottom 150

selections, edit selection

repeat animation instructions as above 

dont forget to add your name and cr info to the avatar

save as gif

Thats it your done xx

Here is another example

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